The benefits of extra virgin olive oil

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The EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered the protagonist of the Mediterranean diet. There are those who call it liquid gold or gastronomic secret of our country, But with each passing day, numerous benefits of extra virgin olive oil are discovered. Here we tell you some so that you are not one of the laggards in incorporating it into your diet, as it provides many health benefits.

The key component of EVOO

The first thing to know is that the body needs fat to function. Knowing this, we disprove the now almost obsolete paradigm that fats are bad. We can classify them as healthy fats and saturated fats. In the case of extra virgin olive oil, it has its majority component, oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that has tons of health benefits. This component is the main benefit of the healthy fat provided by olive oil.

But since this is not enough, we will tell you some of the best benefits of EVOO for health.

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Strengthening the immune system

Extra virgin olive oil helps our immune system, which protects against diseases, bacteria and is responsible for keeping the human body safe from threats. This help is manifested through the antioxidant agents in this product, as they make the immune system stay active and in constant operation to protect the body.

Shield against cognitive decline

The human brain is deteriorating as the years go by, just like anything you wear every day. Although it is inevitable to stop cognitive deterioration in its tracks, since it is part of life and human nature, extra virgin olive oil helps slow down this deterioration. The vitamin K contained in EVOO, helps improve learning and brain development. And some recent studies claim that some of the antioxidants present in olive oil help prevent Alzheimer's.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Thanks to antioxidant agents present in EVOOIt is the perfect companion to keep good cholesterol at a good level and lower bad cholesterol, and in this way regulate blood pressure. What's more, the presence of Omega 3, helps protect the blood and to prevent cellular aging. The Omega 3 is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which improves injuries and your recovery. This is thanks to the fact that it allows the regeneration of tissues in a faster way.

Protects the skin, nails and hair

In this case we are talking about consumption of raw olive oil. This consumption can be done to dress salads, vegetables or cooked fish. EVOO consumed without cooking helps protect the dermis from external factors, in addition to strengthening the nails and hair of the consumer. It is a good regenerating agent that makes us have stronger cuticles and hair, in addition to provide vitamin E, that prevents the aging of tissues and the body in general.

The excellent flavor of EVOO

To finish with the advantages and benefits of extra virgin olive oil, We cannot forget the unique flavor it brings to food. As the protagonist of the gastronomy of our country, that unmistakable flavor that characterizes it is a main benefit to give good taste to each dish. Simply toproperly season a salad, or cook any good quality raw material with EVOO, incredibly increases and improves its flavor. Not to mention that we enjoy a good piece of bread with a drizzle of oil. On our website we like to talk about gastronomy, of wines and good products in general, but the selection of oils we have is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown.

Now that you know some of its benefits, don't wait any longer to take a look at the menu of oils that we offer you.

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