Tricks to understand the pairing of wines with each meal

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There are many people who love wine and enjoy this drink at lunch and dinner. Now, professionals always indicate that there is always a suitable broth for each food. For this reason, it is important to know how to relate them in order to get the most flavor out of each of them. Understanding the pairing of wines with each meal is not an easy task, but knowing little tricks we can feel at home as if we were in the best of restaurants. White wine, red wine, rosé wine, cheese, meat or fish, among other products, you have to know how to combine them to enjoy each of its characteristics in the most authentic way possible.

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How to understand the pairing of wines with each meal

We all like eating well. However, sometimes it is a task that we do not know how to carry out in a correct way. It is not enough to put all the dishes and all the drinks that we like on a table, but You have to know how to combine them so that the flavor of some does not overshadow the flavor of the others.. Therefore, we always say that understand, even to a certain extent, the pairing of wines with each meal It is a fact that we would recommend to anyone. When we enjoy what we eat, we feel more animated. Thus, learn to Getting the most out of each dish is an option that will have a positive impact on our daily lives.

understand the pairing of wines with each meal

Think of the menu as something global

All the foods that are part of a menu must be seen as one global experience. Therefore, we must go step by step, from beginning to end, organizing ourselves and understanding that each decision influences the next. A meat lasagna, a ribeye, and a slice of cake with three chocolates may be very appetizing, but we would not add them all in the same experience. The same goes for wines, we can't take the one we want the most at any timeInstead, we have to serve the lightest one first and then try those with more body. Otherwise, we can come to value a delicious broth as insipid.

In this way, as a general rule, the starters and first courses would be accompanied by rosé wines and whites. Then we could give way to a young red wine. Next, it is advisable to opt for more mature reds and, finally, we can finish the menu with a sweet wine.

Association and contrast in flavors and styles

Dishes and broths can be linked based on two fundamental principles: by contrast or by association. In the first case, we must find a balance between the wine and the dishes through the opposite sensations that each one of them offers us. However, in the second case we will do the opposite, that is, we have to find that food and wine complement each other. These can be associated by temperature, flavor, color or texture, in other aspects. A) Yes, by association a perfect pair would be white fish with white wine or a sweet wine with a dessert.

Give importance to how food is cooked

As we all know, preparing a grilled fish is not the same as breading and frying it. In this way, depending on how we prepare our food, we will have to select one wine or another. Thus, if we want to consume a red meat made in a simple way, we can opt for a wine with more body. However, if the dish in front of us is very elaborate, it will be better to select a finer broth.

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