The most delicious varieties of cheese to star in your aperitif

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For all the cheese lovers in all its versions, those who put some cheese to nibble on in vermouth, like dessert, in order to to snack, or a slice of cheese with dinner. Cheese is such a food versatile and acclaimed in our country as unique and delicious. For all those cheese lovers today we bring you the most delicious varieties of cheese to star in your aperitif.

Not without first taking a brief tour of the type and cheese curing, A little of Spanish gastronomic history.

The varieties of cheese

Cheeses can be classified according to their origin, their curing and their intensity of flavor. Making with these characteristics, the different types of cheese that we know today.

Types of cheese according to the milk used

  • Cow cheese: made with milk from cow
  • Sheep cheese: made with milk from sheep
  • Goat cheese: made with milk from goat
  • Mixed cheese: made with milk mix, of two or the three above

Types of cheese according to their curing

  • Fresh cheese: is consumed without leaving time for maturation. Once manufactured, it is ready for consumption.
  • Soft cheese: Regardless of the weight or amount of cheese that is made, it has a 7-day maturation before its final consumption.
  • Semi-cured cheese: depending on your weight, if it is greater or less than 1.5kg, maturation lasts between 20 days and 35. The higher the weight, the longer the maturation period.
  • Cured cheese: also depending on their weight, their maturation period ranges between 45 and 105 days after manufacturing.
  • Old cheese: like the previous ones, between 100 and 180 days maturation, depending on whether the step is greater or less than 1.5kg.
  • Old cheese: more of 270 days of healing, always weighing greater than 1.5kg.

Types of cheese according to their intensity

  • Fresh or sweet intensity: cheeses that have a sour and dairy flavor, such as fresh cheeses, and that they present a certain sweetness that usually have been seasoned with creams, and are presented in spreadable cheese format.
  • Shallow intensity: those who have a strong milk and butter flavor, due to its brief maturation, like camembert or brie.
  • Pronounced intensity: cheeses with their exact point of ripening and flavors nuanced to nuts or other items that intervene in its maturation. The goat cheeses belong to this group.
  • Strong intensity: those whose main characteristic is a taste a bit spicy and maybe something salty. The cheeses that fall into this group are blue and aged cheeses.
  • Very strong intensity: aggressive taste, the spicy lingers and a great presence of taste of salt. These cheeses can be Very strong for consumers of sweet or fresh cheeses. They usually include Aged cheeses, some blue and double-fermented cheeses.
the varieties of cheese to star in your appetizers

To star in your appetizers

Already knowing all this about cheeses, we give you some ideas of the varieties of cheese, who will be protagonists from your table on any occasion.

Sheep and semi-cured mix

For lovers of cheese, but with a sensitive palate. These semi-cured cheeses can be the perfect companion of a White wine a little sweet or accompany any sausage on a good snacking board in mid afternoon. We propose you our Tudesan semi-cured and ours Quevedito. Both made in the province of Valladolid by the best artisans in the sector.

Semi-roasted sheep

East kind of cheese, it's a sure hit. With a unique flavor due to its elaboration with raw sheep's milk and pieces of black truffle what will revolutionize the palate of whoever tries it. East truffled cheese Campoveja is ideal to offer as dessert of a meal or special dinner.

Old and aged

And for the true lovers of intense flavors, of the spicy and salty aftertaste that a good cheese leaves after having eaten it, we propose the Old sheep cheese Tudesan and exclusive Quevedo, two cheeses with a strong and intense flavor that accompanied by some grapes, dates or a good sweet wine can ccreate the perfect contrast to surprise guests.

But if still it tastes little to you, we challenge you to try the Quevedo Gourmet, aged sheep's cheese with a spicy and salty touch, also prepared in the province of Valladolid by the best artisans selected by La Latilla.

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