Tips to get the wine right at family Christmas lunches and dinners

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The Christmas is around the corner, and with them come all the preparations, the gifts, the parties and the binge eating. These are days of celebration, relaxing and giving yourself one or two whims. And it is very difficult to hold your hand when they offer us another glass of wine, or we see the passing nougat and marzipan tray. What is clear is that, If we are hosts, we want get it right for all family members. But if we are guests (or even, yes we are in-laws), we like look good wearing a good detail. To make this happen, from The Latilla we tell you the best tips to get the wine right for Christmas lunches and dinners with the family.

First of all, we want to clarify that You don't have to be a cook to have a good batch of snacks. You simply have to look, for example, at how convenient canned seafood is, which together with a pair of sausage plates, they save you on more than one occasion. Whenever we carry a good wine under your arm, lunch or dinner, will surely be enjoyed. AND how we want to be prevented and give you more than one option, we propose several that, in addition, you are just a click away in our online store, with which you will triumph in any encounter Christmas.

For starters and sausages, a sure hit.

The First tip to get the wine right at Christmas lunches and dinners, starts at the moment of the starters, and let's go with a safe pairing bet. If we want something that goes well with everything we can choose a sparkling, such as the Grandin Grand Deserve Brut from our store. This fruity sparkling it's a excellent companion of any quality Iberian sausage.

Pairs very well with all kinds of cheeses, pickles and with hints of sweet. But depending on the menu we have in mind, this digs is an excellent accompaniment to dishes that may be very fatty. For example, Pairs very well with tripe, or very strong stews.

Tips to get the wine right for Christmas lunches and dinners

Getting wine right at Christmas lunches and dinners with fish and light meats

How could it be otherwise, We recommend one of our best Verdejos. In this case we are going to choose to advise our Erre de Herrero Verdejo, from Nieva, Segovia. Verdejo is a wine that goes very well with all types of flavors soft, so Pairs perfectly with first courses, starters and stewed meats traditional.

This wine can be appreciated in all its splendor, also well paired with cheeses uncured, seafood and quick and salty snacks such as pickles, preserves in vinegar, or any powerful flavor that breaks with a sweet touch that the wine itself has.

Hearty meat and legume dishes with lots of flavor

Finally, for strong stews and meats with a powerful flavor, let's leave here one of the crown jewels. For those who truly love wine and good food, we recommend pair meat and traditional legume dishes with our Red San Román de Toro or a Hesvera Crianza from Pesquera de Duero, which will surprise you.

This wine It will perfectly accompany all types of highly flavored Castilian dishes., allowing us to have a festival of intense flavors for the bravest palates. But a little trick that we are going to reveal to you Next is that it can be a great ally of any dessert that contains dark chocolate. The intense powerful flavor of this red wine, with him bitterness and the characteristic flavor that cocoa contributes to dark chocolate, They will surprise all your guests.

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