How to make canned roasted peppers and where does this tradition come from

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autumn has arrived and they start to fancy spoon dishes and warm meals on all tables. But this does not mean that we have to be like slaves in the kitchen, morning noon and night to have a stew always prepared in the refrigerator. Canned food is an ideal option what we can always have a list for consumption, but to go one step further, we tell you how you can make yours. Today we bring you a recipe about how to make canned roasted peppers and where this tradition comes from.

The Canned peppers can be made in many ways, since they serve as garnish to accompany almost any dish, if you need ideas you can grab some of these recipes what we tell you here. But today we are going to tell you an alternative so you can make your own canned roasted peppers, although you can always keep in mind the delicious option of our piquillo peppers in your refrigerator, to compare flavors and see what goes best with each thing.

How to make canned roasted peppers

The first that we are going to need to do this are the peppers, and depending on how we like to have them dull, we will need more or less dressing ingredients. Us we recommend grilling them exclusively with extra virgin olive oil, If it is a good oil that you use for preserving, You already have a lot of ground gained, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Any seasoning What do you want to add to the peppers? You can do it at the moment you are going to consume them, and this way you will have a ready garnish for any dish, in a neutral way in which It will adapt to all flavors.

Pre-preparation of canned roasted peppers

The first thing we must do is prepare the peppers for roasting. We can roast them in a normal oven, on a barbecue or in a wood-fired oven. But you have to remain attentive so that they do not burn us. If we cover them with albal paper, we will prevent them from burning too much. In this case It is more advisable to roast them in an oven. to collect the juice they release and use it to preserve them in their own juice.

We will preheat the oven until it reaches the 250ºC and we will add the peppers, placed separately on a tray covered with albal paper, when it is very hot.

When 30 minutes have passed, we take out the peppers and We let them rest until they cool a little. They have to still be juicy to that are manageable, but at a temperature at which they can be manipulated. We remove the skin carefully, we clean them inside, remove the seeds and the inner trunk and We cut them into strips.

canned roasted peppers

Vacuum pack or bottle the peppers

Once this is done we must choose jars that we have sterilized previously (just boil them in a bain-marie), and start filling them with the pieces of peppers without leaving any gaps between them. When we have filled the jar, we add the juice that the pepper has released and a stream of olive oil to preserve it better. we put the upside down jars and the we boil in a bain-marie during 20 minutes.

This is done so that they create a vacuum and remain in good condition for longer, To achieve a perfect result, the water must cover the jars completely before starting to boil. Once cold we have our canned peppers and they will endure up to 6 months in perfect state without any problem.

Where does the tradition of making canned roasted peppers come from?

This tradition It is typically known as a Mallorcan recipe, but there is many Spanish towns that carry out this custom with the arrival of autumn to preserve this vegetable for longer. Well, well accompanied of a good extra virgin olive oil like those we can have in our online store in La Latilla can always have an ace up your sleeve and convert any ingredient into a complete and very tasteful dish.

Contact with us yes you want to know more ideas about canning with which you can accompany your dishes and do not miss the news of the store.

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