Canned hedgehog caviar, know its benefits

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The Hedgehog caviar It is made from the eggs of the sea urchin, collected and selected from the cliffs, rocky areas and seabed of the Cantabrian Coast. The caviar is extracted manually and packaged just as it is found in the shell of sea urchins.

It requires a very laborious and careful process with the extraction of the eggs manually and always in the appropriate season, between January and March, to guarantee the best flavor.

The sea urchin

The sea urchin is a highly demanded seafood in our country. It belongs to the family of echinoderms. It generally lives on the coast up to 30 m deep, between natural holes and rocks, to protect itself from currents. The sea urchin tends to protect itself by covering itself with stones, shells and algae as a defense in addition to avoiding intense light.

The shell that covers them is heavy, which forces them to make few movements, helped by their feet and their spikes. 

We can find very round and spiny sea urchins and others that are more flattened and covered by a kind of velvety fabric.

sea urchin roe

Benefits of sea urchin caviar

Like seafood in general, hedgehog caviar It is a very low-calorie food (only 120 kcal per 100 grams), with a large contribution of proteins and essential amino acids, so important for many functions of the body.

In addition to being a delicious preserve, at a nutritional level it is very interesting due to its high content of high-quality proteins and its almost zero fat content. Hedgehog caviar also provides vitamin A and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, iodine and zinc.

If you haven't tried it yet, don't stop doing it. It is increasingly used by haute cuisine chefs. You will be surprised by its sea flavor, its aroma and the softness of its texture.

In our online store you have it available in two formats: Hedgehog caviar 120 gr and the 80 gr hedgehog caviar.

On this link We leave you some recipes so that you can incorporate our hedgehog caviar into your most exquisite dishes. 

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