Meats and sausages to take out as a starter before any meal

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At the time of organize a meal, an event, or a small snackIt is always good to start with some starters that help you build your stomach. We can choose from many options, and having quality preserves on hand that we like in the tin, there are many options from which we can choose. One of the things we like most in Spain, and especially in Castilla y León, is good sausages and some meats that we can enjoy with a little wine or vermouth. That's why today we tell you and we talk to you of some meats and sausages to take out as a starter before any meal.

Meats and sausages to take out as a starter before any meal

Sausage plate to accompany vermouth

If we have a light meal, like a full salad and a light main course, We can start by serving a good sausage plate. Like for example a Good acorn-fed Iberian chorizo.

We will know that it is a quality chorizo, like the one we have in the latilla for its slightly different flavor. Well, you can see the authenticity of the Iberian pig fed on acorns. Made from the highest quality lean parts of the pig, and spiced with paprika, it has a unique flavor for the most exquisite palates.

sausages to take out as starters

Another option to put on the plate is an Iberian salchichón of the same quality, with an exquisite texture that only our firm could have. The right spiciness of the pepper is what calls for pairing it with a good wine that calms the salty touch it gives. It can be accompanied with a little cheese of any kind. and goes very well with a sparkling wine or a Verdejo.

Iberian ham for the most demanding

If you want to be the best of hosts, you can welcome guests with a starter that has no complaints. A good plate of Iberian ham that will not leave anyone indifferent. Whether Iberian 100%, cwith that unmistakable flavor that has that creaminess that makes it so juicy on the palate, or a case of our sliced Iberian ham 50% cut with a knife, so you don't have to get your hands dirty.

And you already know that we like to make everything easy, but also be quite traditional, That is why we cannot fail to warn that a good leg of ham, so that no one is left wanting more, it is also an idea Brilliant to take out at any time during the meal.

Either as a starter, between dishes, or to have on the table as a companion to any of the foods you are eating. Good ham is a company that will never be poorly received.

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