How to prepare traditional dishes using preserves and latillas

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Who says it can't be done a good stew in a minute using pantry bottoms? And it is that in the can you already know that we always say that speed is not at odds with quality. We bring you some reinventions of some traditional dishes, with ingredients from our store. That gourmet preserves always come in handy because they give a touch of flavor and quality to all recipes. We tell you how to prepare traditional dishes using preserves and cans.

How to prepare traditional dishes using preserves with the best flavor

let's do one light sea and mountain stew and some peppers stuffed with mushrooms. It takes a good cooking hand and a great desire to try traditional flavors with the gourmet touch of our packaged products. But if you have suggestions to try, leave them in the comments., that we will undoubtedly take out our prepared dishes of what you like the most. To write down ingredients and get down to it.

Stew of clams and vegetables

let's do one stew with beans and vegetables that we want, but instead of using meat, we will add clams and vegetables to give it a different touch. It is a dish that has nothing to do with it, although we call it fabada. Well, the legume base is the same, providing that protein and energy that quality beans give, but with a completely different flavor. The key to making this dish well is going to be to make a good sauce with the vegetables with which we want to accompany the beans, clams and vegetables. The ingredients they will be:

  • 3 cans of natural clams
  • 300g of bean
  • 1 onion big
  • 2 teeth of garlic
  • 1 spring onion
  • pepper Red
  • carrot
  • EVOO
  • saffron
  • 100ml white wine

To make this stew we must soak the beans the day before. we put in one cook the garlic with oil, and when they have toasted a bit, add chopped vegetables to fry and leave it for about 10 minutes over medium heat. When it begins to cook, add the beans with the water and the clams with their juice, add the wine, cover the pot and let them be done, it will take approximately 45 minutes.

how to make traditional recipes with preserves

When they are well cooked, separate the beans and clams from the vegetables, and grind together with the cooking water, so that it becomes a sauce, we correct oil and spices, add the beans with the clams and serve hot for the guests.

Stuffed peppers with boletus and ham

A simple recipe but without a doubt, it always triumphs. Some good stuffed peppers that leave no one indifferent. The ingredients that we will need are the following:

  • 1 can of piquillo peppers
  • 1 can of boletus
  • Ham in cubes
  • bechamel
  • EVOO
  • Leek
  • Onion
  • Garlic powder, pepper, paprika

The preparation is very simple and fast. We have put bechamel on the list, since in many establishments they sell the bechamel already prepared, and one of the advantages of having the ingredients practically prepared is the speed with which we can make the dishes. In this way we do not have to wait to make a bechamel with milk, flour and butter, and the result will be good yes or yes.

We empty the piquillo peppers and place them reserved to fill them. On the other hand, we chop the boletus and mix the ham cubes with the rest of the short vegetables very small. The smaller we make the pieces, the better they will integrate. In a frying pan, cook all the vegetables, with the mushrooms and the bechamel sauce, with a jet of EVOO. at the last moment we add the ham, that will give juice and flavor to the whole mixture. Cook for a few minutes and when cool enough, we stuff the peppers.

Traditional dishes using preserves but being gourmet

And it is that although the recipes can carry a facelift, if the ingredients are good and come out of a quality store, its flavor promises. Quality preserves will always be our best ally wherever we go and one of the best ways we have to show it is through these recipes.

tell us if you do any or Contact us If you are interested in knowing more about this type of cuisine, gourmet products or preserves quality. We will be happy to answer you and answer your questions.

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