Wines from Herrero Bodega awarded in the CIVAS DE AKATAVINO AWARDS

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Today we want to share exciting news: three of our Herrero Bodega wines have been awarded in the prestigious Awards CIVAS by AkataVino.

José María Herrero: 96 points, Grand Gold Medal.

Robert Vedel: 94 points, Gold Medal.

Blacksmith's Erre: 92 points, Silver Medal.

CIVAS is an exclusive competition that brings together the best wines in Spain, and its 2023 edition has been a resounding success.

Here we present some interesting data from this 5th edition:

Here we present some interesting data from this 5th edition:

  • The finalists: 161 white wines, 31 rosé, 303 red, 53 sparkling, 17 fortified, 16 sweet and 14 vermouths, representing 54 production areas.
  • The designations of origin (DO) that had the greatest presence in the final were Rioja and Ribera del Duero, with 66 and 50 wines respectively. They are followed by the wines from Sierra de Málaga with 41, the always outstanding wines from DO Cava with 40, Bierzo with 26, Rías Baixas with 23, Castilla with 21, Ribeiro with 20, Mallorca with 19 and Jumilla with 18, among other notable areas. such as Gran Canaria with 8, Salamanca with 9 and Bordeaux with 2.

In summary

  • 2,900 wines were analyzed.
  • 300 wineries were nominated.
  • There were 163 finalist wineries.

Herrero Bodega, an extraordinary winery. Akatavino highlights

Why is Herrero Bodega so special?

We are going to show the essence that we have found in their wines after taste them blind and therefore with our analysis we seek the greatest  objectivity and TRUTH. We discover why HERRERO Winery is a trend and you must be at the forefront of the most in-demand, fittest and most rated wineries. Full news here

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