Octopus, Squid and Squid Delicious fruits of the sea!

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Three marine protagonists: the octopus, the squid and the squid.

Although octopus, squid and squid are cephalopod mollusks and share some similarities in their appearance and preparation, each has distinctive characteristics in terms of size, texture and flavor. These differences allow for a wide variety of culinary preparations and unique gastronomic experiences with these delicious seafood.

🐙 Octopus: A treasure of the seas

The octopus, with its eight tentacles and striking appearance, is a fascinating animal. It is characterized by its tender texture and a mild but distinctive flavor. It is often cooked boiled, grilled or in stews, and is a star ingredient in typical Mediterranean dishes, such as Galician-style octopus. Its meat becomes tender after proper cooking, which makes it an exquisite delicacy.

🦑 Squid: Elegance and flavor on the plate

Squid, also known as common squid, is another delicious marine mollusk. It is characterized by its elongated body and its ten tentacles. Its meat has a firmer texture than octopus and a mild but distinctive flavor. It can be enjoyed in a variety of preparations, such as Roman-style squid, grilled or in seafood stews. Its culinary versatility makes it a popular ingredient around the world.

🦐 Squid: Small but tasty

The squid is a smaller species of squid, but don't let its size fool you. Despite being smaller, it has an intense flavor and tender texture. It is often grilled or used in stews and rice dishes, adding its touch of the sea to each bite. Its presence in the kitchen is especially prominent in Basque and Mediterranean gastronomy.

🍽️ Dishes with gourmet canned octopus, squid and squid

In addition to enjoying these fresh seafood, we can also appreciate their flavors and textures through gourmet preserves. Canned octopus, squid and squid are an excellent option to always have these delicious marine products on hand and create quick and delicious dishes. Here I present some ideas:

  1. Canned octopus salad: Combine the canned octopus from Vigilante Centenario with cooked potatoes, olives, red pepper and onion to create a fresh and tasty salad.
  2. Squid in ink from emilia preserves: Use preserved squid in its ink to prepare a classic stew. Add onion, garlic, tomato and spices to create a delicious sauce and accompany it with white rice.
  3. Canned squid skewers: Place the squid in olive oil from los peperetes on a slice of toasted bread and add a touch of homemade aioli. An explosion of flavor in every bite!
  4. Sticky seafood rice: Use canned squid and squid along with other seafood, such as shrimp and mussels, to prepare a sticky rice full of flavors from the sea.

These are just some ideas to take advantage of canned octopus, squid and squid and enjoy the flavors of the sea at any time. Dare to try these marine delicacies and let your palate travel to the depths of the ocean!

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