Christmas tradition with Raúl Asencio's exquisite panettones

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The Christmas season is approaching, and with it comes the opportunity to delight our senses with the unique flavors that characterize this festive season. Among the most emblematic delicacies is panettone, an exquisite Christmas sweet of Italian origin that has conquered hearts around the world.

Origins and Tradition:

Panettone has its roots in Milan, Italy, and its history dates back centuries. The original recipe, carefully passed down from generation to generation, combines high-quality ingredients such as candied fruits, raisins and a spongy, aromatic dough. At, we immerse ourselves in the authenticity of this tradition, offering our customers a unique experience in every bite.

Exquisite Varieties:

At we are proud to present a wide range of panettones to satisfy the most demanding palates. From the classic versions like the Panettone Milanese, made with soft panettone dough, sprinkled with raisins and pieces of orange peel and candied citron.

The chocolate and orange panettone that only contains natural ingredients. Another variety Panettone Rocher with chocolate and hazelnut rocks, inside a juicy dough made with cocoa.

Another delicious variety is Toffee panettone with a delicate dough with a soft toffee flavor and notes of milk chocolate. It stands out for its especially tender crumb.

Essential gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for these holidays? Raúl Asencio's panettones are an infallible choice. Discover the authentic Christmas tradition with each serving, and give your loved ones the exquisiteness of a panettone that reflects the art and passion of Raúl Asencio. Christmas has never tasted so delicious!

The art of craftsmanship

The magic of our panettones begins with a special yeast, carefully prepared with flour and fruit juice, which is refreshed daily to achieve maximum maturity. This process, which spans four days, guarantees an exceptional final result that will delight your palate.

The first stage involves creating the sourdough, which is meticulously refreshed every three hours until it reaches perfect ripeness. Then, we proceed to knead the first filling, fusing butter, flour, egg yolk, water and the sourdough. This amalgam ferments throughout the night, developing unique flavors and an incomparable texture.

The next day, the dough is mixed again with sugar, honey, additional yolks, more butter and the specific ingredients of each variety: chocolate, nougat, candied orange, citron, toffee, among others. Once arranged in their paper molds, the panettones rest overnight to be baked the next day. They should then rest upside down overnight before being ready to be bagged and finally arrive at your table.

Now, the exclusivity of Raúl Asencio is at your fingertips. You can enjoy our panettones in two sizes, the small panettone of 550 gr and the large one of 1100 gr.

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