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We want you to give us a face: we are Teresa and Luis. Here we tell you a little more about our history.

More about Teresa

The heart of this online store is undoubtedly Teresa, knowing her allows us to understand the philosophy of LaLatilla. With a diploma in business management and administration, she is passionate about online sales through and other Marketplaces.

He was born in Valladolid and grows up in Tudela de Duero. His parents ran hospitality and food businesses, which marked his love for this sector. At he combines his two passions: marketing and gastronomy.

After working as a Marketing manager in different companies, in the middle of the pandemic, he and his partner Luis Peñas, a hotelier by profession, began to forge the idea of move the business from traditional commerce to online business. We realized that many food lovers were having difficulty accessing gourmet products that would allow them to prepare delicious dishes at home. Furthermore, the need to stay at home made online shopping more popular than ever. It was then when we decided to launch and embark on the adventure. Currently at the head of the agency OnTheRoad digital marketing.

Something more about Luis

Luis is a hotelier in Valladolid. He has run different businesses and has been in charge of the business for more than 27 years. Between Hours Coffee. A Café-Bar located in the university area of Valladolid. Recently, after collaborating on the LaLatilla project, he has set up his own wine distributor with brands such as Bodegas Hesvera, Herrero Vedel Bodegas, Champagne Philippe Gonet, Bodegas Hijos de Rufino Iglesias and Honorato Calleja among others.

LaLatilla's philosophy

Bring to the customer a selection of exquisite products from well-known brands and also local artisan products that are true delights and great unknowns.

Bring innovative proposals to your table to enjoy unique moments with friends and family.

All the proposals presented in the online store are healthy and affordable so that you can delight and taste our products.

Product selection

In the product selection process we have focused mainly on canned preserves, as our name indicates. Latillas of canned fish, seafood, vegetables and prepared dishes are the forte of

The cheese section is notable, especially focused on local cheeses. We invite you to visit our wine and oil sections.

All the best to bring to your table at the click of a button at

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