The perfect choice of wine for every moment

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Discover the charm of every moment with the perfect choice of wine: a wine for every occasion, from the pleasure of a silky red at an intimate dinner, to the freshness of a white on a summer afternoon with friends.

Are you ready to talk wine? Brilliant! Today we tell you some insights about the different types of wines that exist.

Red wine, a classic, intense and elegant choice

These are the most popular wines and are made from red grapes. If you're a fan of a good steak, a red wine is the perfect choice. Some reds are heavier and richer, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, while others are lighter and fruitier, such as Pinot Noir. In our range of options we have wines from wineries such as Hesvera, Mauro, Mogar selected vintage, Jaramiel and Honorate. Each unique and fantastic option as a red wine.

In the zone of Ribera de Duero produces the Tempranillo or Tinta Fino grape. This red wine is darker and has flavors of black fruits, chocolate and spices. It combines well with roast meats, stews and game dishes.

Explore the freshness and versatility of rosé and white wines

Then we have the pink ones. These wines are lighter than red wines and are made with red grapes, but they are fermented for a shorter period, which gives them their characteristic pink color. Rosés are perfect for a summer afternoon or an outdoor dinner. Nothing better than a Naughty car Very cold rosé on a hot day!

Let's move on to the whites. These wines are made with white or green grapes and are perfect to accompany fish, seafood and lighter dishes. Some whites are drier, like Sauvignon Blanc, while others are sweeter, like Moscato.

The grape variety Verdejo is mainly grown in the Rueda region in Spain. Verdejo produces white wines with citrus and herbal flavors, and is perfect to accompany seafood and fish dishes. In the latilla we have options for Verdejo wines that will surprise your guests, among our proposals we find the Erre Verdejo and Robert Vedel.

Verdejo white wines are generally dry and have high acidity, making them very refreshing.

Celebrations in style with Champagne and sparkling wines

These wines have bubbles and are perfect for celebrations. He Champagne can only be called that if it is produced in the Champagne region of France, but there are many other sparkling wines that are just as good. You have to be careful with the amount of bubbles, however, we don't want the cork to fly all over the room! Available Champagne Emile Paris and the sparkling louis perdrier.

The lambrusco is a sparkling wine from Italy that has become very popular in recent years. It's sweet, fruity and perfect for an Italian dinner. At lalatilla we propose Borgofulvia Lambrusco, from the Emilia region.

Vermouth: a drink for all moments, from the aperitif to the after dinner.

This wine is flavored with herbs and spices and is perfect for an aperitif. It can be served alone or mixed in a cocktail.

In Spain, vermouth has become a very popular drink to enjoy before a meal, generally accompanied by olives, mussels, cockles or some other appetizer. It has also become a popular ingredient in the preparation of cocktails such as the Negroni or the Manhattan.

In addition to being delicious, vermouth also has digestive properties due to the herbs and spices it contains. It is said that it can stimulate the appetite and aid digestion after a heavy meal. In the latilla our most outstanding vermouth proposals are these: La Chelo Vermouth, Vermouth Bullfighter and Vermouth Garciani.

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